Governor signs Muri-supported bill on school-librarian information technology instruction


April 17, 2015

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 Governor signs Muri-supported bill to help school
librarians with information technology instruction

Gov. Jay Inslee today signed bipartisan legislation offering more resources to school librarians for instruction related to information technology. Rep. Dick Muri, R-Steilacoom, had sponsored similar legislation in the state House; the Senate companion bill is the one that was signed today.

Substitute Senate Bill 5294 includes the following provisions:

  • School library media programs are renamed “school library information and technology programs.”
  • School boards must provide resources and materials to operate the programs.
  • The duties of teacher-librarians will include:
    • integrating information and technology into curriculum and instruction;
    • providing information management instruction to students and staff about how to effectively use emerging learning technologies for school and lifelong learning;
    • helping teachers and students efficiently and effectively access the highest-quality information available while using information ethically;
    • instructing students in digital citizenship, including how to be critical consumers of information;
    • provide guidance about thoughtful and strategic use of online resources; and
    • creating a culture of reading in the school community by developing a diverse, student-focused collection of library materials that ensures all students can find something of quality to read, and by facilitating school-wide reading initiatives while providing individual support to students.

“Technology has long been an important part of student education,” said Muri. “This legislation formalizes technology’s place in the curriculum for school librarians, who of course play a key role in information-technology instruction.”

The bill takes effect in 90 days.

Rep. Muri at SSB 5294 bill signing

Rep. Dick Muri, R-Steilacoom, at the bill-signing for SSB 5294.

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