Rep. Dick Muri goes to the mat for HB 1830

Legislator: Rep. Dick Muri
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25-thousand people are expected at the Tacoma Dome this weekend, for a three day event that pits athletes from all around the state.  One man who will be there is Representative Dick Muri of Steilacoom.  As Ruth Johnson reports, Muri knows about competition first hand.

Muri:  “You go out there and you’re battling.  The adrenalin is flowing and it’s personal…”

Johnson: He’s not talking about politics.

Muri: “Some people would call it a organized fight.” 

Johnson: Republican Representative Dick Muri is actually talking: wrestling.

Muri: “You’re going out against somebody and combatting against them.  And so it takes a little more fortitude and moxy than the average person would have.”

Johnson: He’s an avid fan.  So, it makes sense that the Steilacoom lawmaker will be at the Tacoma Dome this weekend for the Mat Classic.  He and thousands of other people.

Johnson: But Dick Muri’s also a lawmaker with a vision.  He’s been pushing fellow lawmakers for the creation of a specialized ‘wrestling’ license plate.  Now, he’ll be at the Mat Classic drumming up public support.

Muri: “This is just getting commitments from people, getting people energized and excited, and thinking about the future.  We’ve already had a thousand people signed up.  Our job is to hit the four to five thousand mark.”

Johnson: Muri believes his plates will eventually raise 100-thousand dollars.  The money would then be used to help fund wrestling programs at Washington colleges.

Muri: “This would be the stimulus money to get a couple programs started.  And it’s made a lot of people excited.”

Johnson: Muri says we’re losing a lot of wrestling talent to other states for lack of programs.  He thinks his license plate can change that.  His bill made it through the House without a fight and now heads to the Senate for the final take-down.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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