Rep. Dick Muri appointed assistant ranking member for House Judiciary Committee


Rep. Dick Muri, R-Steilacoom, is taking on a new role as the assistant ranking member for the House Judiciary Committee. Muri, who represents the 28th Legislative District, was selected for the position by leaders for the House Republicans.

The House Judiciary Committee considers a wide variety of issues relating to judicial proceedings, both civil and criminal. As the second most senior member of the Republican party on the committee, Muri will assist the ranking member during public hearings, help with the development of the committee agenda and serve as one of the voices for the caucus on issues heard by the committee.

“I’m not an attorney, which is why being chosen for this position is such an honor. Legal issues are increasingly complex in our society, but you don’t have to go to law school to be able to listen and be evenhanded,” said Muri. “In the coming year I plan to work with my colleagues to ensure our civil liberties are strengthened without undermining the efforts of law enforcement.”

Muri will also continue to serve as the assistant ranking member for the House Education Committee. The 28th District legislator would like to put a stop to the practice of local levies being used to pay for basic education costs in our state.

“This year is a game-changer, we need to make some tough decisions about education policy,” said Muri. “I believe we are entitled to some straight talk when it comes funding education. Our students should be given every opportunity to get the best education we can give them.”

During the 2017 legislative session lawmakers will hear recommendations on how to meet the state Supreme Court’s order to fully fund basic education, including estimates on the price tag for paying teacher’s salaries, strategies for new teacher recruitment, and efforts to increase student success. While lawmakers have already added more than $3.5 billion to education funding since the ruling, one of the remaining items is determining the additional funds the state needs to provide for teacher salaries.

“What remains to be done is achievable. We need to keep in mind this is not only about adding more money to K-12 basic education, it’s about investing in our children’s future,” said Muri. “I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues as we set the course to fully covering the cost of basic education in Washington schools.”

Muri was also appointed as a member to the House Early Learning & Human Services Committee, which considers issues relating to early learning from birth to kindergarten, as well as matters affecting families and children.

“Helping families through difficult situations and getting children access to the benefits of early education has a significant positive impact on our communities,” said Muri. “I’m glad to serve and help develop policy for families and children in our state.”

The 2017 legislative session begins Jan. 9 and ends April 23.

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