Rep. Dick Muri’s bill to help the restoration efforts of Puget Sound Partnership passes the House

Rep. Dick Muri’s, proposal to help the on-going efforts of the Puget Sound Partnership was approved by the House today. The Partnership’s mission is to oversee the environmental restoration of the Puget Sound. Muri’s bill would make an adjustment to their reporting requirements.

“With forty miles of coast line in my District, I’m concerned with all aspects of the work of the Puget Sound Partnership,” said Muri, R-Steilacoom. “I have a degree in environmental health, so I understand how this small change will have a big impact. We need to do all we can to help them accomplish their goals and restoration efforts for the Sound.”

Every two years, the Puget Sound Partnership is required to produce a State of the Sound science work plan. The plan identifies recommendations for improvements to their ongoing work in the Puget Sound. Because of the short interval for updates, they are in a continuous planning mode. This limits their ability to implement restoration projects.

Muri’s bill changes the frequency of the report from every two years, to four years. By reducing the frequency of the updates, the proposal would help free up the Puget Sound Partnership’s resources. This would allow them to focus on meeting restoration performance targets.

House Bill 1121 passed the House, 77-22. The bill now heads to the Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications