Rep. Dick Muri leads passage of resolution honoring Washington National Guard

Legislator: Rep. Dick Muri
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The State House of Representatives paused from its business Friday to honor the men and women of the National Guard. The story from Rachel Case in Olympia.

CASE: As Washington National Guard members looked on from the chamber gallery, the House passed a resolution commending the Guard for serving and protecting the state since 1853.

Twenty-eighth District State Representative Dick Muri of Steilacoom served in the Air Force for 22 years and is a retired lieutenant colonel.

In his floor speech, Muri thanked the different divisions of the Guard. . .

MURI: “I worked closely with the Guard. They’re an integral part of our military structure. The first one I’d like to talk about is the Western Air Defense Sector. A lot of people don’t know, but they’re on McChord field – part of Joint Base Lewis McChord. But they basically survey and control the air space for the military – for all the western part of the North America – if they need to for all of North America – they have that capability.”

CASE: Muri said the most recent division protects American military forces from cyber attacks.

House Resolution 4663 honoring the guard members and their families was approved unanimously. Rachel Case, Olympia.


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